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Here is where you will find just the digital photographs that we've taken so far on this trip.

All photo index lists display a mini preview version of each photo for faster browsing or searching.

Clicking on any of the links will take you to a listing of the photographs of that episode. Only the names of the photos will be shown. If you then click on any of the names, the photo will be displayed (clicking the Back button will return you to the list).

Episode 1 - Kathmandu, and hot-air ballooning 68 photos
Episode 2 - Trekking in Nepal 50 described photos
36+14 lesser photos
Episode 3 - Tibet 48 described photos
44+4 lesser photos
Episode 4 - Egypt, Israel, London, and Ireland 32 described photos
26 lesser photos
Episode 5 - London 23 described photos
11+10+4 lesser photos
Episode 6 - USA and The Virgin Islands 35 described photos
27+17 lesser photos
Episode 7 - The Virgin Islands and the Tracker School 31 described photos
22+16 lesser photos
Episode 8 - South America and the Tracker School 138 described photos
58 lesser photos
  Special photos selected for Rich Hall, Editor of Handheld PC Magazine here
  The My City of Sydney shot collection here
  Rhett Gladman's home page, containing several never-before-seen photos that I took while on Jost Van Dyke here