Photos from Episode 5 - Killing time in London

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01_Peter_Davidson.jpg 02_A_thoughtful_Bianca.jpg 03_Kaleb_he_de_man.jpg
05_TV_room.jpg 06_Spot_of_tea.jpg 07_A_happy_Georgina.jpg
08_A_very_weird_statue.jpg 09_The_British_Museum.jpg 10_Into_the_Tube.jpg
11_Amanda.jpg 12_Balti_Houses.jpg 13_Jane.jpg
14_The_card_sharps.jpg 15_Kaleb_bags_his_winnings.jpg 17_My_City_of_London.jpg
19_The_Thames.jpg 20_Big_Ben.jpg 21_Just_some_girls_I_met.jpg
22_My_City_of_Big_Ben.jpg 23_Kosovo_protest.jpg 24_Street_performers.jpg
25_Watching_the_buskers.jpg 26_Homeless.jpg