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Rich Hall, editor of Handheld PC Magazine (click here), has asked me to select several of the better photos that we've taken so far, for possible inclusion in an article to be published in his magazine that I've written, about backpacking the world with a palmtop computer.

1. Spectacular shots

(Photos selected simply for their beauty and natural awe)

These photos are all of the Nepalese trek and the Tibetan 4WD safari. I tried to find some similarly beautiful photos from other countries that I visited, and I simply couldn't find anything comparable. The Himalayas are just too darn beautiful.

To see a full-sized version of each photo, simply click on its mini preview version.

The beginning of the trek, at the impossible Lukla airport, Nepal
Tengboche Monastery, Nepal (as described in the article)
An even more beautiful and spiritual shot of Tengboche (and Everest)
A typical backdrop to our Nepal trekking. That's me (Mark) in the foreground, so this photo could possibly double as an "About the author" shot
Just an incredibly beautiful photo (Nepal trekking)
A mountain panorama, with our trekking guides and my father Gerry in the foreground
Yet another beautiful mountain scene (Nepal)
The desolate land called Tibet
Driving across Tibet, at 17,000 feet, our 4WD got stuck in an icy stream that ran across the road. Fortunately, a truck came by a few minutes later and pulled us free

2. Shots of Mark with the HP620LX

It's a magazine about handheld computers, after all.

Me working at a computer, with the 620, in a cybercafe in Kathmandu that also doubles as a bookstore. Actually, I'm lying. It was really taken last Sunday in the Grateful Deli in St Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but cybercafes all look the same (honestly they do), so who's to know? I won't tell if you won't....
Hitchhiking in Israel
Me and my backpack (notice the H/PC in the pocket)
At the famous Foxy's Bar in the British Virgin Islands (where I wrote the article)
A very laid-back place to use the 620

3. Fun and Interesting shots

(shots selected just because they're unusual)

We saw a goat
Greg enjoying a meditative moment in Kathmandu
Hot-air ballooning in the Kathmandu Valley
Me, Gerry and Ross walking the streets of Kathmandu

4. About the Author shots

(Shots that may serve as candidates for the "About the Author" photo in the magazine)

Sunrise over the Dead Sea in Israel (taken by holding the camera at arm's length in front of me) - the signature shot of me on this web site's Contents Page.
Me and the digital camera, in Kathmandu

A laid-back, Caribbean Mark
Head and shoulders only
And again

5. Palmtop Screenshots

("Photographs" of the interesting or relevant ways that my palmtop is used)

The HP200LX communications emulation software, WCEFiler, running on my 620
I have created a reasonably sophisticated spreadsheet on my palmtop to track the expenses of my 12-month trip. I enter every transaction made on any of my credit cards or bank accounts, I monitor exchange rates, and I track how much money I owe people (or they owe me). The spreadsheet calculates my average daily expenditure (globally and per country) which I then use to predict how much longer my finances will hold out on the trip. There are a total of six worksheets in the workbook. This screenshot is of the Summary Sheet.
Another shot from the same workbook, this time the Transactions Sheet
A screenshot of the contents page of this web site running on my palmtop

Rich, you may also be interested in the six or seven shots collected here.