"My City of Sydney" Photographs

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What exactly is a "My City of Sydney" photo? Well, there's a story behind that, if you're interested.

Several years ago (1987), my friend Paul Klemes returned from a trip to North America. He naturally showed me all of his photos. When I came across a photo of Paul atop the Empire State Building with one arm outstretched indicating the panorama of New York City, and his mouth wide open, as if in song, I immediately responded (jokingly) "Myyyyy city of Sydneyyyy!!" (it's an old, tacky song). "How did you know that's what I was singing?" asked Paul. It was just a lucky guess, and we had a good laugh. I resolved that if I ever went to New York again myself, I would take a similar shot. Well, I did (the following year), but I didn't stop there. Over the next few years I've taken similar shots of:

You see, it's become something of a tradition for me now. So on this trip I've continued the tradition with the following cities (click on the previews to see the full-sized photos):



And Greg's version

(not available
- non-digital photo)




...and again


Jost Van Dyke

Potosí (Bolivia)

So now you know. The only city that I've resolved never to photograph in this regard is (you guessed it) Sydney.