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Do you live on the route?
It will be cooold in June in the places Mark is going! If any kind soul that lives along the route that Mark is following would like to accommodate Mark for a night during the walk, please contact Mark.
Fancy a stroll?
I am more than happy to have people join me for a day or two as I walk. If you feel like a day's walk through the  countryside, check out the route, pick a day that suits you and contact Mark.


The Route and Itinerary

This map represents the approximate route I will be following (the yellow line).
Click on the map for a more detailed version.


The approximate route I will be taking is as follows:

Sydney - Royal National Park - Wollongong - Moss Vale - Goulburn - Tarago - Queanbeyan - Cooma - Jindabyne - Kosciusko

I plan to walk about 30 km (18 miles) per day.  I have laid out a draft itinerary below, showing the towns I will be stopping in each night.

If anyone reading this page can offer accommodations in the towns listed below on the dates given, it would be greatly appreciated.  It would not only give me a warm bed to sleep in and a place to shower, but it would also reduce my own personal expenses on the walk.  Please contact me if you can help in this way.  (Also, please understand that these dates can change, by as much as five days either way).

Please also note that these dates have been updated after the original posting.

Day Date To... Km
    Sydney Harbour Tunnel  
1 Mon 19/6 Cronulla 36
2 Tue 20/6 Curracurrang 13
3 Wed 21/6 Scarborough 24
4 Thu 22/6 Figtree 24
5 Fri 23/6 Albion Park 27
6 Sat 24/6 Robertson 25
7 Sun 25/6 Exeter 35
8 Mon 26/6 Marulan 39
9 Tue 27/6 Goulburn 33
10 Wed 28/6 Goulburn (rest day) 0
11 Thu 29/6 Tarago 39
12 Fri 30/6 Bungendore 32
13 Sat 1/7 Queanbeyan 26
14 Sun 2/7 Williamsdale 31
15 Mon 3/7 Colinton 31
16 Tue 4/7 (middle of nowhere) 30
17 Wed 5/7 Cooma (1/2 rest day) 15
18 Thu 6/7 Berridale 33
19 Fri 7/7 Jindabyne 30
20 Sat 8/7 Thredbo 35
21 Sun 9/7 Kosciusko 15





The Cause

All monies collected on this walk will be donated to Mission Australia to care for the homeless.  To learn more about their work, visit www.mission.com.au
Spread the word
The more people that know about this walk, the more successful it will be.



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