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1.  The main way to get in touch with us while we're away is of course that boon to all independent travellers: Email.

Our email addresses are:
2. If you don't have an email program, or simply couldn't be bothered firing it up, you can go straight to our feedback form below.
3. Alternatively, if you want the whole world to see your comments, you can sign our guestbook, here.
You can see what others have written in it, by clicking here.
4. We even have our own special chat room, where we can all meet (at some prearranged time) and have a kind of party-line discussion thingy. It can be found by clicking here, but (wait a minute) if you go there without any prior arrangements, there'll be noone there to talk to. I send out mass emails occasionally suggesting times that we can all go there and hang out together (sorry, I can't resist a little pun here - you could call this Virtual Reality. Sorry. That really was terrible, wasn't it?).
A transcription of the first public chat (June 1st, 1999) is available here.
5. For a more personal, non-electronic touch, you could leave a message with the people at the following numbers:

Greg's Mobile:

  • (in Australia) 0411-125939
  • (from overseas) +61-411-125939

Mark's Mobile:

  • (in Australia) 0411-170517
  • (from overseas) +61-411-170517

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Drop us a line and let us know how much you miss us, or how much you're enjoying our web site. As any backpacker would agree, there's no such thing as too much mail from home.