First Public Chat - June 1st, 1999

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Well, the chat thing happened. To all that took the trouble to turn up, you're a brave, patient and silly lot. Several of us had computer problems (caused by the chat room itself) which caused much leaving and arriving, and people seeming to be in the room but not saying anything.

Glitches aside, we had a wonderfully inane conversation - typical, I think, of online chatting. But we all had a bit of fun, and many private chats will probably be scheduled over the next few weeks (more personal than a group thing, and less confusing - not to mention a hell of a lot cheaper than a phone call).

Here is a list of the people that showed up (along with their login ID), in approximate order of appearance...

Paul Klemes Klemes and KlemesTI
Me MarkVirtue, mvirtue and MarkV
My parents, Pam and Gerry mumndad
Greg Sullivan (not my travelling companion) WhohGreg
Jo Aalders joaalders
Rhett Gladman grhett
Cha Bowman Chakriya
Hilda High & Julian HildaHigh
Leonie Gardner LeonieGardner
Peter Lovett PeterLovett and PeterLovett2
Lee & Nikki Davidson LeeNikki
Najila najila

There were, surprisingly, no mystery lurkers - no incognitos.

And finally, here is the chat itself, in all it's glory (except for one or two bits that somehow escaped the transcript process):

[mumndad] Hi Greg!
[MarkV] Hey there lady - I thought you were coming in INCOGNITO!
[joaalders] I changed my mind
[MarkV] Ah
[WhohGreg] User Info doesn't do much does it
[mumndad] Dad wants to know: Who is mvirtue?
[MarkV] Not a whole lot
[WhohGreg] (is there a way to determine somone's full name?)
[WhohGreg] (without asking them of course :)
[MarkV] mvirtue is me too, I'm logged in twice, once for admin purposes
[MarkV] No idea Gerg
[WhohGreg] no worries
[WhohGreg] hey Mark
[WhohGreg] do you have Netmeeting installed?
[MarkV] hmmmm?
[WhohGreg] oh
[MarkV] Probably - I haven't looked
[WhohGreg] ok
[WhohGreg] maybe later try to fire it up
[WhohGreg] 'cause I have a video cam
[WhohGreg] and a mic of course
[MarkV] That'd be cool
[mumndad] Jaki says to arrnange it all for her. I think she's really excited
[WhohGreg] ok
[MarkV] I hafvve no mic
[WhohGreg] you could still hear me
[MarkV] That'd be great
[MarkV] And Mum, that'd be great too
[mumndad] What would be great?
[MarkV] I'm loooking forward to seeing Jaki here
[MarkV] Couple of minutes still, before the crowds arrive...
>> Klemes left  
[mumndad] Jaki was going to come up here tonight but she was bed after a big day at work
[MarkV] Yes Greg
[mumndad] And talk with you as well
>> grhett arrived  
[MarkV] That's a shame that she didn't
[WhohGreg] hi Rhett!!
[MarkV] G'day Rhett!
[mumndad] Can you arrange another one for Thursday night - this Thursday?
[MarkV] Klemes just left - I wonder why
>> mvirtue left  
[mumndad] HI rHETT!
[MarkV] I'll have to ask
[WhohGreg] what's happened to Klemes I wonder
[MarkV] No Greg
[WhohGreg] thanks Mark
>> Klemes arrived  
[mumndad] Hi Paul Henry.
[WhohGreg] * waiting for grhett to hit "enter"
[grhett] hello, anybody home?well you seem to be sAYING STUFF
[Klemes] Hi Pam and Gerry
[WhohGreg] hi Klemes!
[mumndad] How's our baby Taylor?
[grhett] this is very silly
[mumndad] And when are you coming to see us again?
[WhohGreg] this is fun
[Klemes] Hi Greg and Rhett and Mark and Jo
[mumndad] If Mark can talk babies over the internet AND send photos, so can we.
[Klemes] She's a little rascal with 12 teeth
[grhett] whose jo i dunno
[joaalders] ask mark
[grhett] why 12 ,small is she
[mumndad] 12's a laot when you're as small as that.
[Klemes] It's your turn to visit us here in Coogee Pam and Gerry
[mumndad] OK When?
>> MarkVirtue arrived  
[Klemes] I'm free between 3 and 4 am tomorrow morning
[MarkVirtue] Sorry about that y'all
[WhohGreg] * laughs
[MarkVirtue] My computer crashed - I think this chat room is buggy
[mumndad] That's pretty safe .that we're really likely to come visit then
[MarkVirtue] Who's visiting whom????
[MarkVirtue] Hey Rhett, how's it?
[WhohGreg] did you get VB going Rhett?
[mumndad] Not visiting Klemes at 3am.
[MarkVirtue] Jo - you're allowed to say something
[grhett] paul ,how early should i arrive for fridays meeting?
[joaalders] don't want to, happy to watch
[grhett] vb,please explain?
[WhohGreg] Visual Basic
[MarkVirtue] Do you have a computer to use for VB Rhett?
[grhett] nice ,,but not a sausage
[grhett] Dads
[MarkVirtue] Decode anyone?
[WhohGreg] Oh
[MarkVirtue] oh
[MarkVirtue] Who's meeting at 3am
[WhohGreg] looks pretty, but hasn't done anything yet, Rhett?
[WhohGreg] oh well
[MarkVirtue] Jo, can you do me a favour?
[grhett] decode decode decode decoide decode
[joaalders] what
[WhohGreg] oh Rhett....
[WhohGreg] I want you to know that I didn't understand one word of that email to Mark et al
[MarkVirtue] can you highlight the whole conversation so far and save it in a text file and mail it to me - my computer died back there
[MarkVirtue] Copy and paste - you know
[Klemes] Pam and Gerry are not meeting Taylor in Coogee at 3am and Rhett please arrive around 6pm on Friday
[MarkVirtue] Please tell me what the meeting is.....
[grhett] thankyou
[WhohGreg] :)
[MarkVirtue] I'm still here
[grhett] just meeting stuff
[MarkVirtue] That was the OTHER MarkV
[MarkVirtue] Paul, is Sherry there too
[MarkVirtue] Mum, is Dad there too?
[Klemes] The meeting is a secret slide night that we are having. Secret because Sherry doesn't know about it so she can't fuss and prepare stuff
[MarkVirtue] Ah
[grhett] whew i thought she was about
[MarkVirtue] Paul, I thought the Donk was turning up
[Klemes] Sherry is in the kitchen baking muffins
[grhett] now where were we
[MarkVirtue] The world's gone silent....
[Klemes] I know he checked the room out but whether the donk was actually turning up today was just putting 2 and 2 together
[MarkVirtue] It's a gorgeous day in Paradise
[grhett] how do i make my print screen larger
[MarkVirtue] Rhett, I'll send you a transcript - you don't need to print screen
[MarkVirtue] Jo - did that work?
[joaalders] of course...
[grhett] we are all wishing for a day in paridise
[Klemes] Am I missing some of the chat? Some things just aren't making sense
[MarkVirtue] Well, come on over, Rhett
[WhohGreg] no you are not, Paul
[grhett] $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
[MarkVirtue] No Paul, they're not making sense to me either
[MarkVirtue] Where are my parents?
[WhohGreg] and we haven't even begun to be Rhettorised
[MarkVirtue] All quiet
[MarkVirtue] GrhettGRhettGRhettGRhettGRhettGRhettGRhett
[Klemes] What do you expect with Grhett in the same room
[joaalders] Mark - did you say something earlier that Jaki is going to visit you? When?
[MarkVirtue] She said she was going to a wedding in July, and that she'd come down then
[MarkVirtue] She wants me to get her a job here, I might be able to arrange that
[WhohGreg] time to thaw some fillet mignon I think
[joaalders] cool
>> mumndad left  
[MarkVirtue] I think this chat room crashed their computer
[WhohGreg] back in a few
[grhett] mark your official olympic ticket book is in the post
[MarkVirtue] Yeah - it's very cool - she want's to stay here with me
[MarkVirtue] Olympic what?
>> mumndad arrived  
[MarkVirtue] Back Again!
[MarkVirtue] M+D, what happened
[Klemes] I've already been disconnected once but now it all seems to be working fine
[MarkVirtue] Me too
[mumndad] Hello. Is there anyone out there? We were swallowed up in a black hole and have only just come out the other side.
[MarkVirtue] We're all still here
[MarkVirtue] I'm surprised - I thought there'd be more.....
[grhett] kings internet cafe never lets you down
[WhohGreg] I'm back
[mumndad] the important ones are here
[WhohGreg] I did too Mark
[MarkVirtue] This chat thingy is a very frustrating medium to talk in agreed?
[mumndad] Dad wants to know if the sun's come up on Jost yet
[WhohGreg] usually it's great Mark
[grhett] hi pam, hi gerry
[MarkVirtue] The sun's up and the son's up
[mumndad] hi rhett!!
>> LeonieGardner arrived  
[MarkVirtue] Alright! - new meat! Hi Leonie
[WhohGreg] I just don't think the ice has broken yet that's all
[grhett] come to slide night
>> LeonieGardner left  
[Klemes] We're barely making sense of this now I hope no more login but in the future I'd like to make a date with just you and I on here Mark
>> LeonieGardner arrived  
[MarkVirtue] For everyone else, Leonie is an old mate from MTE (work)
[MarkVirtue] Any or all of us can make private, one-on-one dates to use this chat room
[WhohGreg] nice to meet you Leonie
[mumndad] hi leonie!
[WhohGreg] we use chat a lot at work
[mumndad] see if you can make it same time Thursday for Jaki
[grhett] hi leonie
[mumndad] this is riveting stuff
[MarkVirtue] I'll send Jaki an email and work out a time withy her
[mumndad] where's jo gone?
[Klemes] I think Leonie bit the biscuit
[joaalders] still here, just making breakfast
[MarkVirtue] She always was the strong silent type
[LeonieGardner] HI There,
[LeonieGardner] I'm finally here
[MarkVirtue] Ah - she talks!
[LeonieGardner] How are you doing
[WhohGreg] checking my thawing meat - back in a tick
[LeonieGardner] Is WhohGreg Greg Dutton??
[MarkVirtue] Leonie - Life couldn't be better
[mumndad] Dad still wants to know if the sun's come up
[joaalders] hi leonie, someone i know...
[grhett] ok hows bout that kid taken by the shark in adelaide ,that rivited me.
[LeonieGardner] Hi Jo!
[WhohGreg] back
[WhohGreg] no, I am Greg Sullivan, Leonie
[Klemes] Just going off for a quick game of scrabble- back in a tick
[LeonieGardner] Thanks
[WhohGreg] * laughing at Paul
[Klemes] there I won the scabble so I'm back
[LeonieGardner] I was late Mark because I was visiting Brad T
[MarkVirtue] Mum - I never promised this'd be intelligent conversation....
[mumndad] You only won by three points, Paul - and you cheated
[Klemes] How did you know that Pam
[WhohGreg] a lot of what people probably want to say is probably best said in private, I guess
[mumndad] Cos you only just beat me
[MarkVirtue] Too true - but this is kinda fun - for a change
[WhohGreg] on here it's like "shouting" at everyone, a bit
[WhohGreg] yes it is fun
[grhett] i never promised you a rose garden
[MarkVirtue] decode?
[mumndad] yes you did
[grhett] not
[mumndad] did
[WhohGreg] considering putting grhett and mumndad on ignore ;)
[MarkVirtue] Kiddies!
[grhett] look this is just asilly series of contriditions
[mumndad] don't even think about it. Dad's going to press the float button if you don't all come to the party
[MarkVirtue] Thanks Paul - that means a lot!
[WhohGreg] I would like to second that
[WhohGreg] (not what Rhett said -what Paul said)
[mumndad] klemes is a crawler
[grhett] what does the float button do?
[MarkVirtue] Klemes is a KICK ASS mate!
[mumndad] floats
[WhohGreg] hey where's my float button
[WhohGreg] oh there it is
[LeonieGardner] I was just telling Brad T to check in. He'll log on after dinner if we are still here.
[mumndad] it's floationg
[MarkVirtue] Try it rhett - then hit the maximise button
[WhohGreg] I'm not pressing any buttons that aren't essential - it may lock up again
[MarkVirtue] fair enough
[WhohGreg] oh what the heck
[MarkVirtue] Who IS floating, out of curiosity?
[LeonieGardner] Me
[joaalders] me
[WhohGreg] hey that's much better!
[MarkVirtue] Ha ha
[MarkVirtue] Mum - did I make any money in
[mumndad] Dad wants to know if there's any dancing on your island.
[MarkVirtue] Only drunk Americans
[WhohGreg] doing the meat thing again - brb
[WhohGreg] (brb = be right back)
[mumndad] no you didn't - you were part of us that lost savagely
[MarkVirtue] How much did I lose?
[mumndad] didn't you get dad's email explaining it?
>> Klemes left  
[WhohGreg] back
[MarkVirtue] I haven't checked my email today - was it sent recently?
[mumndad] i don't like the way they say someone has left channel. We were pushed
[mumndad] yes, Mark today......Dad
[MarkVirtue] I reckon Jo and Leonie are having a private chat - behind our backs!
[mumndad] they probably can't get a word in
[grhett] the advice for that float thingy dissconnected me
[LeonieGardner] Just sitting here eating a timtam and drinking coffee
[joaalders] no were not just watching.
[WhohGreg] just testing
[MarkVirtue] Well, you SHOULD be - you know each other, after all
[WhohGreg] test complete
[mumndad] testing what?
[MarkVirtue] And no boasting about Tim Tams - some of us can't get them where we live
[LeonieGardner] Mark, did you ever catch up with Hardy by email?
[WhohGreg] to see whether hyperlinks would be , well, hyperlinked
[mumndad] what's a hyperlink?
>> Klemes arrived  
[LeonieGardner] When I lived overseas for three years - my Mum had to make a special trip to bring them and also twisties
[WhohGreg] something you can click on in a page to go somewhere else
[MarkVirtue] She sent me one email the other day, offering me a job training - but that's all. No personal stuff.
[joaalders] I miss twisties...
[grhett] gerry & pam maybe you could come to the slide nite 4/6/99, paul?
>> Chakriya arrived  
[LeonieGardner] Jo Where are you?
[joaalders] In Chicago
[MarkVirtue] Cha babe! G'day!
[WhohGreg] (I was testing to see whether the http:.. blah blah thing would allow us to actually click on them in here)
[mumndad] what slide night?
[Klemes] A roady dropped an amplifier on my computer and fucked it but I'm back now
[Chakriya] Oh I am glad you are still here because i am late!!
[MarkVirtue] Fuckin' roadies!
[WhohGreg] did you fix it yourself Paul?
[LeonieGardner] Jo What are you doing over there? Holiday - working ??
[MarkVirtue] You haven't missed anything - just regular mindless chat
[Chakriya] This is all very confusing already - I am not good at chat
[mumndad] riveting mindless chat
[joaalders] I'm based over here, well for the next 6 mths at least. Been here for a year so far.
>> HildaHigh arrived  
[Chakriya] So tell me how hot it is over there and how great the beaches and the cocktails are and how it sucks being in Canberra
[LeonieGardner] Who are you working for these days.
[MarkVirtue] Chatting is a bit like juggling three chainsaws
[joaalders] Sol6 still
[MarkVirtue] And Hilda too! Fucking excellent!
[MarkVirtue] Hi, miss High!
[grhett] oh there is one at pauls house on fri evening but i'm not sure if it's right for ME to ask
>> PeterLovett arrived  
[Chakriya] Hi Rhett.
[LeonieGardner] Do you see Thomas or any of the old Cabbies
[MarkVirtue] Cha - It's hot, but not too hot, and the beaches are fucking gorgeous - look at the photo of White Bay on my web page
[PeterLovett] Hey Leonie! Hey Mark! Hey everybody!
[Chakriya] OK now I have some very important news that I haven't told you yet because I had it all in a fax I was going to send but haven't gotten around to...
[HildaHigh] Hello Mr Virtue! Long time no chat. You're famous at work!!!
[LeonieGardner] Hey PPPE welcome back from holidays
[grhett] chakriya please identify yourself
[joaalders] Thomas apparently lives in my building, I saw him about a year ago, I've visitied Laura in Nashville
[Chakriya] Oh good one Rhett. Cha.
[PeterLovett] Thanks Leonie. It was great. Almost as good as Mark's Paradise
[LeonieGardner] Glad to hear it Pete.
[WhohGreg] I know Cha - you were at Mark's fairwell!
[MarkVirtue] What, Cha? what news?
[Chakriya] OK my exciting news is ... I am going back to Uni full time in 6.5 weeks to do a grad dip in finance and then hopefully a masters!!
[grhett] oh ,opps
[LeonieGardner] Jo.. I hear from Laura - she's going to New Orleans soon I hear
[PeterLovett] Hey WhohGreg. Where are you? Are you back in Syd?
[Chakriya] So I am going to be a starving student (with a BMW)
[MarkVirtue] Fucking cool Cha - congrats - you got in, then?
[WhohGreg] * laughing
[WhohGreg] everyone thinks I am Greg 8Ball
[Chakriya] Don't know yet but they seem to think so.
[WhohGreg] Peter - I'm Greg Sullivan
[joaalders] Leonie - yeah she didn't want to go when I met Mark down there.
[WhohGreg] I think I have chatted to you on the phone
[WhohGreg] re: web phone directory thingo
[LeonieGardner] Has she been yet?
[WhohGreg] ages ago that was
[grhett] grhett has to start work 5am so i'll pussy out soon
[HildaHigh] Mark, Is your head still shaved or are you growing dreadlocks??
[PeterLovett] Whohoops WhohGreg. I thought you were WhooGreg, who is somebody different
[MarkVirtue] Yah - dreads mon!
[Chakriya] Rhett, girls blouse. How is work?
[joaalders] Not that I'm aware of, and I know they go live with their project today.
[WhohGreg] * laughs
[grhett] same
[MarkVirtue] Paul - We'll do a chat, just us blokes, later on
[LeonieGardner] She finally dumped that man at last too!!
[WhohGreg] is there a way to change one's nick without logging off, Mark?
[Chakriya] How is the hostel?
[MarkVirtue] Nope Greg
[HildaHigh] Mark, I'm now working in Applications Development - how that for a con!
[WhohGreg] ok
[grhett] same
[Klemes] Yeah Rhett ya front bum don't wimp out on us yet
[Chakriya] Sounds damn exciting. You should move to Canberra.
[MarkVirtue] Hilda, what happened to training? I can't picture you as a geeky programmer!
[grhett] look, jesus
[HildaHigh] I now train programming for double the money
[mumndad] this is like a party where everyone has congregated in the kitchen and you can't hear a word anyone's saying. we might head for the futon
[Chakriya] no, if Jesus turned up in Canberra they would still spend 90% of the news hour filming the local primary school having a litter drive
[MarkVirtue] Ah
[MarkVirtue] Sorry, Mum+Dad - we can do a private one later
[HildaHigh] Julian says hi
[joaalders] I'm going to bail as I have to go to work....bye everyone.
[MarkVirtue] Thanks Julian - is he there now?
[WhohGreg] bye Jo
[MarkVirtue] Bye Jo
[mumndad] don't be sorry - it's actually a lot of fun
[Klemes] Pam and Gerry, how did the garage sale go
>> joaalders left  
[Chakriya] Sometimes the local primary school goes looking for tadpoles, and they film that. Sometimes they just film politicians having lunch breaks.
[mumndad] pathetic
[grhett] canberra must be a clean place
[mumndad] why, rhett?
[HildaHigh] Yes, Julian's here but i'm in control of the keyboard (Always was a control freak!)
[MarkVirtue] I'm going to put excepts from this on the web page
[MarkVirtue] Hey Peter, how's the new house?
[Chakriya] Sterile is the word you are looking for. But full of community spirit. there is even an ad about it. It goes "personality plus, that's us". Obviously not talking about parliament house
[Klemes] Pathetic about the garage sale or filming polititians having lunch
[grhett] no, no, i'm so confused
[mumndad] garage sale - I think
[WhohGreg] now you tell us, Mark!
[WhohGreg] (re: excerpts)
[WhohGreg] wow - interesting Java error message on my screen
[MarkVirtue] I may put the whole thing there
[WhohGreg] ah
>> LeonieGardner left  
[Chakriya] As long as all their food has signs indicating how much GST they paid for their lunch, it counts as current affairs in Canberra
[mumndad] I can't get java on my screen
[WhohGreg] I entered a * command
[PeterLovett] Hey Mark. New house is brilliant. It's 2 1/2 times the size; I've got a big office away from the noise, pool (14.5deg C), happy A.C & Q.
>> LeonieGardner arrived  
[WhohGreg] welcome back Leonie
[Klemes] I request that we all speak in turn and Mark should write the order in which people can speak
[HildaHigh] Great idea
[mumndad] klemes, don't be anal
[WhohGreg] * laughs at Paul's request
[grhett] iv'e got borneo ,what a show on sunday nite
[HildaHigh] mum and dad aren't supposed to use that kind of language!!
[Chakriya] Since I am in canberra mood, I would like to propose an amendment. It has to do with cooked chicken.
[MarkVirtue] Peter - sounds most excellent. I'm sorry to say I haven't visited Cody's web page for a while. Can I still be your friend?
[Chakriya] What's Borneo?
[LeonieGardner] Me either, is that a requirement?
[PeterLovett] Mark, sure. I havn't updated it for a while. But I will soon when I get the photos from Noosa developed.
[mumndad] it's a bit like Java only further away
[grhett] like java, very close
[HildaHigh] This is a test of who has the best ping time
[MarkVirtue] Peter - any more little ones on the way, and are you still doing work for the multi-headed monster?
[WhohGreg] o\ohg
[Klemes] A bloke's got to piss
[WhohGreg] ping I nmean
[Chakriya] That is going to be a long way for Rhett to cycle by Saturday
[MarkVirtue] OK - WHO'S PINGING WHO HERE?!?!?
[WhohGreg] Hilda is technical
[mumndad] dad just woke up, Paul at the 'bloke'. what's ping time?
[grhett] i'm working mate
[MarkVirtue] This conversation is bordering on surreal.....
[Chakriya] See now this is what happens when all of Mark's friends get together in a chat room...
[MarkVirtue] I think it happens WHEREVER they get together....
[grhett] daylight saving without the s
[Chakriya] Yes but this time we are all sober
[HildaHigh] who's sober
[MarkVirtue] Paul - Did Christel say she was going to turn up?
[mumndad] are you sure?
[WhohGreg] time to put my fillet mignon on the frying pan
[PeterLovett] Mark, we are very happy with 2. Mutil-headed monster now American, yes IntroC tomorrow!
[mumndad] what happened?
[Chakriya] So how is Foxy's, mark? I hear they have the world's best New Years party there
[Klemes] Yes Mark, Sherry spoke to Christel at 7pm and she was all systems go but I guess another Roady.. you know
[mumndad] What's a roady, Paul. Is this your guest in the spare room who drops amplifiers on your foot?
[MarkVirtue] Foxy's is apparently number 2 on the list of places to spend the New Year's Eve, and number 1 in Penthouse.
[MarkVirtue] Number 2 according to Time Magazine
[Chakriya] Does that mean it has topless barmaids? Please tell me Foxy keeps his clothes on
[MarkVirtue] Foxy is the only one that takes them off
[Chakriya] I'm too scared to visit now
[MarkVirtue] I'm sitting right now in Foxy's kids' bedroom
[Chakriya] I priced visits - I need about $2500, which I can't really afford now I am going to be a Uni bum
[grhett] nice
[MarkVirtue] bitch
[Chakriya] But if my Mum wins the lottery I will be there next week
[MarkVirtue] Well, that's comforting
[mumndad] what makes you think your mum's going to share it?
[Chakriya] I have all the pictures from your website of the bay etc on my backscreen - you need to send me some more
[Chakriya] My mum promised if she wins the lottery, I get lots of stuff. but I think she means the $16m one
[MarkVirtue] What, to tempt you, Cha?
>> PeterLovett left  
[WhohGreg] too much work - I'll roast it instead
[Klemes] Budd said to send his apologies. He went to see "A Mid Summer Night's Wet Dream" with his wooza
[Chakriya] I spend all day at the moment (in the freezing office in the freezing Canberra) looking at beach pictures from the BVIs
[MarkVirtue] So get yo' ass over here, Cha, and take some of your own!
[Chakriya] Trust me I would if I could. Unfortunately Uni is getting in the way but I will assess the finances for September
[Chakriya] We need to decide where you are going to be.
[LeonieGardner] So Mark, I didn't realise for a while when I first logged on that it was the Jo I knew
[MarkVirtue] I take back everything I ever said about you Cha
[mumndad] Greg, give it to the dog - it's probably gone off by now
[WhohGreg] * laughs
[Chakriya] What did you ever say about me?? Was it good??
[MarkVirtue] I'll be here at least until mid-August, after that, well, Peru, Bolivia, somewhere like that
[WhohGreg] my microwave has pre-heated to 160
[WhohGreg] back in a tick
[grhett] is budd coming fri evening
[Chakriya] Maybe you should stay there for September and then I will come over there
[MarkVirtue] It's certainly possible....
[Chakriya] I want to use some of the hard earned super on an OS trip
[grhett] ta
[Klemes] Budd will be there Grhett
[mumndad] Paul, is Sherry there to bring some sanity into this conversation?
[MarkVirtue] And Cha, you probably didn't notice, but I called you a bitch back there - that was what I was taking back
[LeonieGardner] I'm outta here. Safe Travels.
[grhett] thankyou, good
[Chakriya] So what exactly are you writing? Oh yeah I saw the bitch thing. Highly accurate.
[MarkVirtue] See ya Leonie - thanks for coming by
>> LeonieGardner left  
[WhohGreg] no more cooking updates for 30 minutes
[Chakriya] And where is Greg Dutton? What has happenned to him?
[MarkVirtue] I'm writing a novel - a thriller. Well, it's supposed to be a thriller. Only time will tell how actually thrilling it really is
[mumndad] filet mignon doesn't take 30 minutes - you'll ruin it and we won't have any dinner
[Chakriya] Am I in it?
[MarkVirtue] If anyone knows where Greg Dutton is, please let me know.....
[WhohGreg] I put it in a tad longer because it wasn't completely thawed
>> HildaHigh left  
[MarkVirtue] I can get you into it Cha, no problem. What would you like your character to be called?
[Chakriya] I assume he got stuck in Australia somewhere
[grhett] like that, eh
>> LeeNikki arrived  
[LeeNikki] Hi all
[WhohGreg] I'll photograph it at the end so we can see whether I ruined it or not ;)
[Klemes] Sherry went to bed via the bath. She's not into this computer stuff, not to mention that she worked all day, ran 7km in training for the City to Surf, to pick up the little Bupa from dayScare and then came home to cook all the dinners
[Chakriya] I would like to be a character named Metropolis who is dreadfully sophisticated and jetsets all over the world sleeping with young soccer players
[MarkVirtue] Lee - you're an hour late!
>> HildaHigh arrived  
[LeeNikki] Thank Hilda
[Chakriya] And does terrible things to their psyches
[grhett] hi lee, niki
[HildaHigh] I'm back too
[LeeNikki] Hi man
[LeeNikki] Great homepage
[LeeNikki] Love the pictures
[MarkVirtue] Thanks!
[grhett] boy
[HildaHigh] What did you think of the wedding photos
[mumndad] we're off to our futoin. Talk to you soon, Mark. Night, Paul, Rhett, Greg, Hilda, et al
[LeeNikki] Oh
[MarkVirtue] How did Hilda make you late?
[Klemes] Greg, I wish you'd shut up about your bloody steak, it's making me hungry again
[Chakriya] Bye Virtues!
[WhohGreg] night
[LeeNikki] Bye
[MarkVirtue] By Mum, Dad! Thanks!
[LeeNikki] She rang me to remind me
[WhohGreg] good - a reaction at last!
[MarkVirtue] Ah
[Klemes] Goodnight Pam and Gerry
>> mumndad left  
[LeeNikki] Having fun no doubt?
[grhett] ditto
[MarkVirtue] Well, yes, but I didn't really come to the island to have FUN
[MarkVirtue] Where's Phil?
[Chakriya] hey what about my character.
[HildaHigh] That's right, you came to write a best seller!!
[MarkVirtue] Yeah yeah - Metropolis, soccer players - No problem
[LeeNikki] Out with his dad
>> PeterLovett2 arrived  
[LeeNikki] and chrissy
[Chakriya] And lots of dancing on tables in nightclubs
[LeeNikki] O and pretend mum!
[MarkVirtue] Having trouble with the old javachat, huh Peter?
[Chakriya] Actually I have been doing a bit of writing for Adam, he is doing his film school thing and keeps needing scripts, and keeps having no idea(s)
[MarkVirtue] Lee - sounds ghastly - a private nightmare for Chris
[LeeNikki] Or new mum, which ever
[Chakriya] I figure I will write a bit once I am back at Uni
[LeeNikki] Phil really
[LeeNikki] Chris is cool about it
[PeterLovett2] Mark - Whoh the old problem of my machine won't run 13,450 sessions of Communicator sumultaneously
[PeterLovett2] Where did Leonie go?
[HildaHigh] what!! Is some one pregnant!!
[MarkVirtue] Ah that old problem Peter
[MarkVirtue] Who's pregnant?
[Chakriya] Not me. I am the only person in my beauty therapy class with no children. Did I tell you I came second to top for makeup artistry?
[Chakriya] And it was with blue eyeshadow?
[MarkVirtue] That's totally entralling cha - can you fix up my eyes?
[Chakriya] I haven't done drag makeup yet. But I am sure I could do you a good wedding makeup
[Chakriya] I am doing waxing now, so I can give you the whole look
[MarkVirtue] Excellent!
[LeeNikki] Ouch
[LeeNikki] :(
[MarkVirtue] Ah - the first emoticon!
[Klemes] Rhett, are you still there?
[Chakriya] I am wearing wedding makeup eyeshadow right now. this is about as close as I am going to get to married for quite some time yet
[WhohGreg] wrong Mark!
[WhohGreg] I ;) 'd before
[MarkVirtue] Cha - will you marry me?
[Chakriya] Only if you send me a ticket to visit you
[MarkVirtue] Greg - that's true, I forgot
[Chakriya] And let me do your makeup
[WhohGreg] ;)
[MarkVirtue] That would set a precedent Cha
[HildaHigh] Where's your nose :-)
[MarkVirtue] I'd be paying your Visa bills for life
[LeeNikki] :-(
[Chakriya] God, how many other women have you proposed to? BASTARD!! (see previous email)
[LeeNikki] :-)
[MarkVirtue] No Cha - I promise - You're the only woman in my life.....
[Chakriya] I'll have you know that thanks to telstra I am almost debt free...
[grhett] i'm off back to talk to the bed bugs, bye,goodnight all.
[Chakriya] See you next time, Rhett!!
[LeeNikki] Bye hilda
[Klemes] Bye Rhett, see you on Friday unless you're up for some stuff on Fri am
[LeeNikki] see ya on the phone
[MarkVirtue] Are you leaving Hilda?
[HildaHigh] Don't kill yourself
[LeeNikki] :-)
[HildaHigh] No, just yet
[LeeNikki] I'll stay
[HildaHigh] Sorry, can't type, too much riesling....
[LeeNikki] Mark, How long can you use the computer?
[Chakriya] Ok so what other writing are you doing Mark? You should try some travel articles
[Klemes] Greg, what size foot are you?
[MarkVirtue] I've been here for an hour and ahalf now. The transcript is getting huge
[LeeNikki] Cool!
[MarkVirtue] I can stay indefinitely - but it costs a bit....
[Chakriya] That is probably me carrying on about cooked chicken, which you wouldn't understand since you don't live in Australia at the moment
[LeeNikki] True
[WhohGreg] about a 10 in joggers, Paul
[LeeNikki] Quick joke from Nikki
[LeeNikki] What did the circle say to the eight?
[Chakriya] what?
[HildaHigh] Why do you need to talk about shoes, is this a fetitsh?
[WhohGreg] * laughing
[LeeNikki] Nice Belt :-)
[HildaHigh] Nice belt
[HildaHigh] T
[LeeNikki] Yeah
[Chakriya] Oh.
[MarkVirtue] I'm a bit of a foot person.....
[MarkVirtue] A bit of a belt person too, for that matter....
[WhohGreg] Pinging-Hilda - you should come and fix our proxy problem
[HildaHigh] What was your other joke??
[WhohGreg] our I.S staff certainly haven't a clue - they're hopeless
[Chakriya] You should have come on the sex tour I did the other week - you wouldn't joke about shoe fetishes
[Klemes] Too small Greg. Budd's got a new pair of hiking boots that he would sell you but I believe they are size 11
[LeeNikki] Mine?
[HildaHigh] yes your joke
[WhohGreg] oh ok
[WhohGreg] thanks anyway
[WhohGreg] and thanks for arranging the pack for me Paul
[LeeNikki] Nikki only had one :-(
[WhohGreg] actually, could you carry me the whole way?
[LeeNikki] Hilda, who or what are you pinging?
[WhohGreg] this is just pack packing training
[Chakriya] Who wants to ski when you can lie on a beach?
[WhohGreg] not the ski trip
>> Klemes left  
[LeeNikki] Me!!!!!
[HildaHigh] Mark, Jen, my sister, livs ion the beach in Mexico, writing novels
[MarkVirtue] I want to do everything. Now.
[LeeNikki] Me Ski
[HildaHigh] Everything!!
[Chakriya] Hilda, what novels does she write?
[MarkVirtue] Hilda - really? How long's she been doing that?
>> PeterLovett2 left  
>> KlemesTI arrived  
[HildaHigh] fiction, about dophins. She's (as yet) unpublished
[HildaHigh] for a few ye
[MarkVirtue] You should send me her email address.
>> PeterLovett2 arrived  
[Chakriya] That sounds way cooler than going to ANU and doing finance
[HildaHigh] She lives in Zipolyte on about 42/ day
[MarkVirtue] Wht happened, Pete?
[WhohGreg] T1 eh - that's a fast connection
[HildaHigh] sorry that was $2
[LeeNikki] Must go , see you soon mark.
[LeeNikki] Bye Hilda
[MarkVirtue] How can anyone live on $2 per day!!!!
[MarkVirtue] See ya Hilda
[Chakriya] Well I better go - I have to suck up to my almost ex boyfriend so I can still go see Star wars tomorrow night
[LeeNikki] Nik says hi
[HildaHigh] The village was destroyed by a cyclone. They're building her a house
[WhohGreg] my blisters Paul?
>> LeeNikki left  
[WhohGreg] if I wear joggers I'll be ok won't I?
[WhohGreg] oh
[Chakriya] Hi paul
[WhohGreg] is this skiing
[KlemesTI] Is it something I said Cha
[WhohGreg] silly me
[MarkVirtue] Why are you KlemesTI now?
[WhohGreg] yes, I imagine I'll get lots of things on that trip
[HildaHigh] Can I come skiing - I have my own gear
[Chakriya] No, Actually I think I might string him along a bit more, I can't be bothered leaving
[KlemesTI] Cha is it the same guy that I saw atb Mark's farewell'
[WhohGreg] last time I skiied was when I was 12 in N.Z
[Chakriya] No I have been through about 4 since then
[Chakriya] Mine only ever last 6-8 weeks
[MarkVirtue] decode?
[WhohGreg] I should do a one day ski trip or something beforehand
[HildaHigh] please
[HildaHigh] yes, but it's not the same as snow camping
[KlemesTI] Fucked If I Know Fucked If I Care
>> PeterLovett2 left  
[MarkVirtue] Paul and Greg, I wholeheartedly endorse Hilda as a fine ski-camping companion - she kicks butt!
[WhohGreg] ack
[MarkVirtue] nack
[WhohGreg] ;)
[Chakriya] Personally, who wants to ski. If I want to be cold, I can stay in Canberra, I don't have to travel to freeze my tits off
[KlemesTI] paddy whack
[WhohGreg] * laughs
[Chakriya] Actually that isn't really a problem for me, there isn't much to freeze
[HildaHigh] skiing's heaps warmer than Canberra!
[MarkVirtue] give the dog a boner
[WhohGreg] ROTFL
[MarkVirtue] decode?
[WhohGreg] Rolling On The Floor Laughing
[KlemesTI] Cha, surely I noted a cleavage last time I saw you
[Chakriya] All tricks of the light
[HildaHigh] where did you learn chat speak
[MarkVirtue] Klemes you notice a cleavage wherever you go
[WhohGreg] by chatting
[HildaHigh] ha ha
[MarkVirtue] Greg is Chatting-GURU!
[WhohGreg] seriously, you pick it up quite quickly
[HildaHigh] or should I say ROftl
[WhohGreg] I like it
[MarkVirtue] PLease don't be serious
[Chakriya] That is almost like being accused of joining Dungeons and Dragons club
[WhohGreg] just dial up - instant friends! ;)
>> najila arrived  
[WhohGreg] hi Najila!!!!
[MarkVirtue] Hey Najila - you're an hour and a half late!
[WhohGreg] * smiling
[Chakriya] Ok I seriously better go secure my Star wars ticket. Kiss to everyone
[najila] Hi Greg
[KlemesTI] Hilda you can come skiing as long as you bring your cleavage. Oh and by the way HI, I'm not sure I've met you before
[MarkVirtue] me too (smiling)
[najila] I actually could do it.can you believe that.
[MarkVirtue] See ya Cha - you're a leg!
[WhohGreg] no I can't believe it!!!
[MarkVirtue] (pronounced ledge)
[Chakriya] What does that mean?
[WhohGreg] who was there to help you?!?!?! :) :)
[najila] Hi Mark,Hi every body
[Chakriya] OK later all...
[HildaHigh] Not my cleavage PAL this is from julian looking over hildas shoulder as she types
>> Chakriya left  
[najila] Well,I can not tell:)
[WhohGreg] ah
[najila] why did you call yourself WhohGreg?
[MarkVirtue] And then there were five
[WhohGreg] hey - not many of us left now
[WhohGreg] oh.....
[KlemesTI] Hi Najila, welcome to the party
[WhohGreg] that goes WAAAAAAAYY back
[MarkVirtue] Whoh Greg!
[najila] I expected Paul to be here as well as Rhett.
[WhohGreg] yes - I believe Mark invented it
[WhohGreg] in about year 11
[MarkVirtue] Are you still living in Melbourne, Hilda?
[WhohGreg] or perhaps 10
[WhohGreg] Rhett was here before Najila
[HildaHigh] yes, it's warmer than Canberra
[najila] hi Klemes
[MarkVirtue] I accidentally wrote "loving" but backspaced over it and wrote "living"
[WhohGreg] do you know who Klemes is, Najila?
[najila] I have no idea:)
[najila] tell me
[WhohGreg] Paul :)
[HildaHigh] right on both counts,julian
[KlemesTI] Of course Najila and I know each other
[MarkVirtue] I figured!
[najila] I feel so silly :)
[najila] sorry Paul,I did not know
[WhohGreg] you look it too!!
[WhohGreg] :)
[KlemesTI] Who could forget the big pizza and "Independance Day " video night at Mark's place
[WhohGreg] Hilda, were you at Mark's farewell?
[WhohGreg] that's right
[WhohGreg] you have a good memory Klemes
[najila] and my beer opening Paul
[HildaHigh] No, but was
[WhohGreg] * smiling
[WhohGreg] but was...?
[HildaHigh] Was in spirit. Spoke on the mobile - sounded great
[WhohGreg] oh ok
[HildaHigh] Was there for the theatre sports final
[WhohGreg] I missed that
[WhohGreg] (wouldhave liked to have been there actually)
[HildaHigh] Mark abused the judges - can you imageine?
[WhohGreg] I really enjoyed seeing Mark up there being silly
[MarkVirtue] Paul, Greg - just take Hilda skiing - you'll see. She's a top shoola!
[WhohGreg] ha ha - that'd be right :)
[HildaHigh] (Life without a spell checker)
[WhohGreg] I can smell my fillet mignon - yummo
[WhohGreg] shame I haven't anything to put with it
[najila] I have to go to bed now because I have to wake up very early.
[najila] good night every body
[WhohGreg] goodnight
[HildaHigh] What will you drInk with it?
[MarkVirtue] Night Najila!
[WhohGreg] all I have is tap water
[HildaHigh] ARe you a student?
[MarkVirtue] who?
[WhohGreg] * laughing
[WhohGreg] oh
[WhohGreg] I thought she meant me - I think she means Najila
[MarkVirtue] That's a deep message to leave us with
[WhohGreg] yes
[WhohGreg] * pondering
>> najila left  
[HildaHigh] I'm off to bed too, night all. It was fun!
[WhohGreg] night Hilda
[MarkVirtue] Tessa's brother Marius just stuck his head in here - he's the chappie that started 2JJ (an Triple J) in Sydney
[WhohGreg] see you on the slopes
[MarkVirtue] See ya Hilda, Julian!
[WhohGreg] oh wow
[MarkVirtue] Thanks for coming by
[HildaHigh] Only if your''re quick - telly til l ya jelly
[MarkVirtue] She's a leg
[MarkVirtue] (pronounced ledge)
[WhohGreg] where's Paul
[HildaHigh] I'll email you soon mMark , Night all, fro both of us
[MarkVirtue] Bye!
>> HildaHigh left  
[MarkVirtue] Now it's just us blokes again. If Rhett was here we could have a game of 21
[WhohGreg] Najila just commented how easy it was to get this thing going
[WhohGreg] yeah!
[WhohGreg] I told her that you chose a good chat for this, Mark
[MarkVirtue] This Chat is a fine, fun thing
[WhohGreg] yep
[MarkVirtue] Klemes???
[WhohGreg] ping Klemes
[MarkVirtue] He's wandered off again, or another roadie has come past
[WhohGreg] I'm off to China on the 17th it appears
>> KlemesTI left  
[WhohGreg] to fix some customer problems
[WhohGreg] oh well - bye Paul
[WhohGreg] oh well - shall we wait for Paul to return?
[WhohGreg] or call it quits
[WhohGreg] btw Mark - I'm still with ZIP
[WhohGreg] Ozemail are crap
[WhohGreg] I left my web page there though
[MarkVirtue] Good to hear it
[MarkVirtue] Sorry for the pause
[WhohGreg] no probs
[WhohGreg] are you working hard on the writing?
[WhohGreg] or just taking it easy
[MarkVirtue] I just went to update the transcript (copy and paste) - but I lost some of it
[WhohGreg] oh ok
[MarkVirtue] Working pretty hard - but it doesn't feel like work
[WhohGreg] that's good
[MarkVirtue] It's a slow process
[MarkVirtue] Did you say China??
[WhohGreg] Paul thought you may have been doing a sci-fi
[WhohGreg] yes China
[WhohGreg] 'cause you like sci-fi
[MarkVirtue] It's got a small amount of Tech in it
[WhohGreg] but I now know it's not
[WhohGreg] ok
[MarkVirtue] I think we should sign off now. I'm not a hard-core chatter like you
[WhohGreg] Alright
[WhohGreg] Ineed to eat dinner anyway
[WhohGreg] you can include my fillet mignon recipe in the transcript
[MarkVirtue] I'll do my best
[WhohGreg] :)
[MarkVirtue] See ya soon, then
[WhohGreg] cya - and thanks again
[WhohGreg] it was great
[MarkVirtue] It was. Bye for now
[WhohGreg] bye!
>> WhohGreg left  
>> MarkVirtue left