Below should be loading a 360-degree Virtual Reality Panorama taken on the Sunday Morning to give people who've never been there an idea of what it's like on the property, including the awesome screen James built.

The panorama was made by standing in one spot, turning slowly around through 360 degrees, and taking a digital photo every 30 degrees or so.  The digital photos are then "stitched" together using some special software.

The 12 original photos that comprise the panorama can be found here.

The software that stitched them together is called Panorama Factory.

The panorama requires free viewing software in order to see it, called Apple QuickTime.  If you don't have this software, you can download it by clicking on this button: 
If you do have the software, an image should eventually appear below.  Simply click in the middle of the image and drag your mouse left, right, up and down.  You can use the Ctrl and Shift keys to zoom in and out.  Enjoy.

You definitely need to download Apple QuickTime